How long do mediated divorces typically take?

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Mediation is one of the most popular and peaceful ways for couples to get divorced. This form of divorce truly allows a couple to take control over the matters at hand and the couple often walks away with a more amicable relationship than they had before the divorce. One of the questions that many people ask regarding mediated divorces is how long they take and whether they take less time than litigated divorces do.

Divorces, whether mediated, litigated, or done through a collaborative process, often take longer when the couple has a greater number of contested issues. When it comes to mediated divorce, a lot of determining the length of the process depends on how willing the couple is to work together on compromising about the issues. If the couple is able to communicate effectively and resolve contested issues, their divorce can be finalized in just a few sessions.

Some of the matters that the couple may have to resolve before the divorce can be finalized includes spousal support, the equitable division of assets and liabilities, and if the couple has children, child custody, child support, and visitation. Of course, each couple’s situation is different. Divorcing couples that have a prenuptial agreement in place will typically go very quickly while others may take much longer. If you have questions about mediated divorces, contact our firm today.

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