Modifications in Rockland County, NY Family Court

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When an individual has the New York Family Court system make a decision regarding a family law matter, the decision is going to be made based on the current circumstances that exist. Of course, neither the family or the family court can see into the future and therefore, as time goes on the court order may need to be updated to fit the families new circumstances. Court orders may need to be modified for a wide variety of legal matters that are handled in family court.

Some of the matters that frequently need to be updated or changed as the years go on include spousal maintenance, child support, child visitation, or child custody. When a situation arises that may require a modification, it is very important that the family goes through the court to request these changes. This way, everything is documented and is done with permission. Court orders are legally binding. Therefore, it is not permitted for an individual or a family to make changes to the binding legal document without the approval of the court system. This is especially important when modifications to spousal maintenance, child custody, or child support are being made because these are highly contested matters.

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