Maintaining Privacy During Your New York Divorce

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Maintaining Privacy During Your New York Divorce

A divorce is a difficult time in one’s life. As a result, you may want to keep the circumstances of your divorce under wraps. Read on to learn more about maintaining your privacy during your New York divorce.

What are the Best Ways to Maintain privacy During a New York Divorce?

You can use the following methods to keep your divorce as private as possible:

  • Use Your Prenup
    • Before getting married, spouses can sign a prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup. This is a document that details how they would want to divide their assets in the event that they divorce in the future. This can benefit spouses as they do not have to spend time hashing out the details. Instead, the process can be completed faster. In addition to this, prenups can include privacy clauses to make sure neither spouse speaks publicly about their divorce.
  • Consider Grounds for Divorce When Filing
    • When a divorce begins, spouses must cite grounds for the divorce. This can cite fault or no-fault grounds. If a couple wants to keep the details of their divorce private, they may want to carefully consider which grounds they want to cite. This is because they can become public record. Spouses may wish to cite no-fault grounds for irreconcilable differences rather than cite fault grounds for the public to see there was an issue of abuse, abandonment, adultery, etc.
  • Use out of Court Methods
    • Couples can resolve matters of their divorce outside of the courtroom in a manner that is quicker and quieter than going through litigation. This can be done with alternative methods such as mediation, collaborative divorce, or arbitration. Once the matters of your divorce are agreed upon, formal divorce paperwork can be filed so the settlement can be approved by the court. This allows spouses the best chance at privacy in their case because terms that were agreed upon privately do not become public record.

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