New York Child Custody Lawyer Explains Benefits of Mediation

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A New York child custody lawyer represents the parent’s interests as they relate to his or her children.  One way that a New York child custody lawyer may help a parent focus on the children’s interests is by suggesting mediation.  Mediation offers significant advantages to parties, including:

Enhanced Understanding

Parties that participate in mediation often have a better understanding of the legal process.  They may have a better sense of the types of decisions that a family court may make if the case continues through litigation.  This gives them a better idea about the less-than-ideal resolution that the court may make and empowers them to reach their own decision.  

Better Relationship

Parties who earnestly engage in mediation often walk away with a better rapport with the other party.  Mediation focuses on cooperation between the parties.  The mediator uses conflict resolution skills to help the parties see the other’s perspective more clearly and to get the parties to engage in the process.  They often bounce ideas off of each other in a possible attempt to settle the case.


Mediation is private.  What is discussed during the process cannot later be shared with the court even if the parties do not reach a settlement in their case.


Mediation can help the parties save money.  Rather than spending expensive legal fees to lawyers to battle over the case, mediation can help the parties resolve their case more quickly which in turn reduces the amount of money spent on legal fees.

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