NY Divorce Attorney Explains Downfall of Bitter Divorces

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A New York divorce attorney who is interested in safeguarding his or her client’s interests often recommends mediation as an alternative to the litigation process.  A New York divorce attorney can explain that not having an amicable divorce can cause significant consequences including:

Financial Distress 

Many people choose to hire a divorce attorney with the belief that this process will prevent the other spouse from taking advantage.  Many have the idea of “he/she is not going to get a penny!” However, it is rare in any divorce for a spouse to be entitled to nothing.  A conscientious lawyer can explain the law and what the court may order so that the client has a more realistic idea of the eventual outcome of the case.  The more fighting that is involved in the divorce case, the higher the legal fees tend to be.

Emotional Expense

In addition to the financial dangers of a high-conflict divorce, the emotional cost can be just as bad or even worse.  After potentially spending years together, a bitter divorce can take best friends and turn them into enemies.  A contentious divorce may mean that spouses spend years litigating the initial case and then fighting over future modifications.  The children may be caught in the middle of the conflict and may internalize it.  Spouses may take the pain and mistrust from this relationship into the next.  Although it is difficult, having an amicable divorce is often a much better pursuit than choosing to wage war against an ex.

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