Prepare with Your Divorce Attorney in Patchogue NY

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A divorce attorney in Patchogue NY can explain that most divorce cases wind up in settlement.  This settlement may be borne out of mediation or through negotiations between divorce attorneys in Patchogue NY.  To maximize time with your divorce attorney and to strengthen your case, consider accomplishing the following:

Perform Research 

You and your lawyer should be aware of the various laws that may affect your case.  You may also have to perform research regarding the identity or value of an asset that is in dispute.  Know the factors that New York courts consider when dividing your property and look for evidence that sways in your favor.

Run the Numbers 

Before you get to the table to negotiate, you need to have a firm understanding of your current and prospective financial situation before and after divorce.  Try to determine the amount of child support or spousal support that is appropriate.  Look at your post-divorce budget and see where the gaps are.  If you complete this type of preparation before mediation or a settlement conference, you can rely on them at this stage.  You may also be less likely to avoid making an error during a critical time in the negotiations.

Prepare Orders 

During negotiations, there may be a certain momentum going.  You may want to quickly sign off on everything once the important decisions have been made.  However, if your attorney has to take a break to prepare these orders, the momentum can be lost.  Ask about the possibility of preparing draft forms to speed up the process, such as deeds to transfer ownership or property or an income withholding order for child support purposes.

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