How Divorce Mediation in Patchogue NY Can Get You to a Settlement Faster

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Divorce mediation in Patchogue NY provides a number of essential benefits to spouses going through divorce.  One of the most significant is the savings of times.  Divorce mediation in Patchogue NY is an informal process that allows the parties to work out the terms of their own settlement rather than rely on the court to make these decisions.

Because mediation is not conducted as part of the court proceedings, there is no need to wait for an available time and date on a New York court docket.  Instead, the parties can agree to a time that is convenient for them when the mediator is available.  In one or two days, parties are often able to work out issues involved in their divorce such as child custody, division of assets, evaluation of assets, spousal support and child support.  These issues may otherwise take months to work out or sometimes even years when the parties litigate them.  Additionally, the parties’ attorneys will likely send a flurry of documents back and forth and file numerous motions along the way, which will amp up legal expenses.

Because divorce mediation can be conducted more quickly, this allows the parties to resolve the issues before they have developed deep-rooted positions as adversaries as they do when they are litigating the case.  This allows them to be more flexible and to seek common ground, often leading the parties to make some concessions while winding up with an agreement that is satisfying to both of them.  This also helps reduce the amount of post-divorce conflict.

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