Issues a Divorce Attorney in East Islip NY Can Assist With

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With approximately half of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, some people make a living on advising individuals going through this common phase.  While this may be the first time that the parties have gone through a divorce, a divorce attorney in East Islip NY has seen the process unravel many times.  Due to this experience, a divorce attorney in East Islip NY can assist with a number of common issues, such as:

Valuing Assets

One of the most contentious aspects of a divorce is deciding how to divide assets that a couple has accumulated over the years.  Often, the parties may be attached to the same items.  However, a divorce attorney can explain that the assets are evaluated based on their monetary – not sentimental – value.  Therefore, the parties can realize a more objective method of how these assets are valued.  A divorce attorney is familiar with the many ways that the actual values of assets can be determined.  Additionally, he or she can discuss how retirement accounts and other more complex assets are typically divided.

Support Obligations

A divorce attorney can explain how child or spousal support obligations are determined.

Child Custody

A divorce attorney may recommend the additional services of people who are trained to recognize what is best for the child in order to make the best custody decision.  This may include psychologists, an attorney ad litem or social workers.  Having objective parties weigh in may provide clarity to the situation.

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