When a Family Law Attorney in Patchogue NY Thinks Mediation Is Best

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A family law attorney in Patchogue NY assists clients with a number of different types of cases.  These include divorce, child custody, child support, modification of existing orders, guardianship and more.  Rather than take the case to court, a family law attorney in Patchogue NY may recommend the process of mediation to help resolve cases of this nature.  This recommendation may be made when:

The Parties Have the Right Mindset

Mediation is not only for people who get along perfectly.  Otherwise, it would seldom be used.  However, if the parties are willing to provide the necessary information to help reach the decision, such as financial disclosures for issues that concern finances or a preferred schedule for a custody dispute, they are more likely to find a better solution through mediation.  If the parties come to mediation with the intention to settle their issue and work together on mutual goals, they are more likely to be successful with mediation.  If they simply want to torture the other one or spend the entire time talking about how they have been wronged, they are not good candidates for mediation.

The Parties Can Think Creatively

The parties should be willing to compromise.  If they believe that there is only one right solution and they differ as to what this solution is, they are not good candidates for mediation.  However, if they are willing to open their minds to other possibilities, they may get more out of the mediation process than they ever expected.

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