How to Tell if Your Divorce Mediator in East Islip NY Has Done a Good Job  

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A divorce mediator in East Islip NY is a third party neutral who helps parties find common ground.  While reaching a settlement is usually a good sign that a divorce mediator in East Islip NY has done a good job, some other indications are:

The Mediator Provides Awareness

In many family law cases, a person may be unaware of the interests that he or she has in the process.  A good mediator will communicate with each party separately in order to extract the parties’ interests.  This can help clarify for the party what actually matters to him or her and what issues can be compromised.  This allows him or her to determine non-negotiables as well as areas where flexibility may serve the other party’s interests.

The Mediator Explains the Consequences of Litigation

Part of the way that the mediator convinces the parties to settle their case is by explaining the consequences of continuing with litigation.  For couples with sizable assets, much of the marital estate may be wasted in litigation expenses.  For couples with children, there may be devastating consequences to the children as they see two people they love bitterly battle.

The Parties Understand the Other Side

At some point in mediation, each party should start to develop a better idea of the other party’s position.  Understanding where they are coming from can help the parties open up dialogue and start to negotiate in a meaningful way.

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