Provisions a Divorce Mediator May Recommend Regarding Spousal Support

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When spouses have decided to use the services of a divorce mediator in Bohemia New York, they have made the good decision to try to resolve their claim in a much more affordable and cooperative fashion.  The role of the divorce mediator in Bohemia New York is to help create an agreement that will serve the needs of both parties.  As such, the final agreement may contain provisions that discuss:

Timing of Payments 

Creating a clear deadline by which periodic payments should be paid can help provide consistency and predictability.  In some situations, larger lump-sum payments may be preferred by both parties rather than smaller and more frequent payments.  The agreement should specify how long payments should be paid.

Automation of Payments

Again, to provide greater consistency and dependability, the recipient spouse may prefer that the other spouse provide automated payments.  This can help decrease processing time, as well as create a clear record of payments for tax purposes.

Modifying Payments 

It can be very difficult to predict potential changes that may occur in the lives of either party.   However, the spousal support agreement can specify situations in which the parties will consider modification, such as an involuntary loss of employment or a disability.  The agreement may also specify that mediation will be used to work out these modifications.

Substitution of Property 

In some cases, the parties may prefer to provide property to the recipient spouse in order to eliminate spousal support payments or to reduce them.

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