Who Should Serve as a Divorce Mediator in Hauppauge NY

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The person selected to serve as a divorce mediator in Hauppauge New York will directly impact the chance of success at mediation.  There are several factors to consider when looking for someone to serve as the divorce mediator in Hauppauge New York.

Past Experience with One of the Parties

If one side has worked with a mediator before, the other party may think that mediator has allegiance due to the repeat business.  However, it is important to keep in mind that the mediator does not have the ability to make the parties agree to anything.  Mediation is a completely voluntary process, so either party is able to walk away at any time.  Additionally, the other side may be recommending the mediator because he or she was satisfied with the work that he or she performed in the past, serving as a positive recommendation of his or her services.

Skillset of the Mediator

It is also important to consider the skillset that each mediator brings to the table.  If one mediator has attempted to get the parties to resolve their case, it is doubly important that the second mediator be able to try different things and employ different strategies than the first.  If the second mediation is simply a repeat of the first, no one stands to benefit.

Subject Matter

It is important that the mediator is someone who has a background in the issues in dispute.  Having a businessman perform the mediation may not yield the same results as someone who has seen the devastating results of divorce due to his experience as a divorce attorney.

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