Importance of Hiring a Divorce Attorney in East Islip NY When Served with Divorce Papers

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Divorce is not known for being a cheap process.  Income may have to be split to provide for two households.  Also, hiring a divorce attorney in East Islip New York is not cheap.  Trying to bypass some of the expenses that a divorce may entail, some individuals choose not to hire a divorce attorney in East Islip New York and try to represent themselves.  However, this strategy implicates many risks.

When a person receives a complaint for divorce, he or she has a very limited amount of time to provide a proper response to the complaint.  If this answer is not provided within the amount of time that the state allows, the spouse who filed the complaint may receive everything that he or she asked for in the complaint even if an answer was eventually filed.  Judges are rarely persuaded by spouses who received paperwork that specified a response date and simply disregarded it.

Some spouses may believe that their divorce is uncontested because they have talked about it with their spouse.  They may assume that they know what is within the paperwork and simply ignore it.  However, the spouse may have included provisions related to child support, spousal support, marital property or child custody that may adversely affect the person’s rights who receives the paperwork.  Without having a competent legal professional carefully review this paperwork, the person may lose certain rights and be negatively affected.

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