Give Peace a Chance with Divorce Mediation in East Islip NY

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Divorce mediation in East Islip New York provides parties embroiled in divorce to set the terms of their agreement and to sidestep the time-consuming nature of a contested case.  Some things to keep in mind about divorce mediation in East Islip New York include:

Participation Is Voluntary

You do not have to participate in mediation.  There are some people who do not do well in a mediation setting or times when mediation may not be the most appropriate choice, such as if an abusive spouse is only using this process to manipulate his or her victim.  However, there are many situations where parties who were worlds apart were able to reach an amicable solution to their divorce that was much cheaper and less stressful than litigation would have resulted in.

The Mediator Represents No One

Even though many mediators are attorneys, within their role as a mediator, they do not represent either party.  While they can provide a legal perspective on how the divorce may be processed in court or provide insight into how local courts have resolved similar issues, they do not represent either party.  As such, they are objective third parties who attempt to get the parties to reach their own settlement.

Mediation Often Provides the Best Alternative

In court rooms, judges must follow specific rules and procedures.  While they may have discretion in some matters, they are required to follow precedent.  They may have their own way of doing things or in giving different weight to different factors in the case.  However, mediation allows the parties to settle their case on their own terms that they feel comfortable with.

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