Three Ways a Real Estate Lawyer in Long Island NY Helps during Divorce

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A real estate lawyer in Long Island New York can help buyers and sellers regardless of the circumstances that they are laboring under.  However, a real estate lawyer in Long Island New York can be of extreme importance during a divorce.  While they may have very different interests related to their personal property, their children or how they perceive spousal support options, they may have similar ideas when it comes to the real estate they own.

Sell Property 

A real estate lawyer can help the parties sell their property.  This is quite common during a divorce.  Rather than either spouse holding onto property that they may not be able to afford, they may mutually decide to sell the property.  A real estate lawyer can help draft a sales agreement, ensure there are no issues with the title and take other actions to ensure that the parties’ mutual legal interests are protected.

Rent Property 

In other cases, one spouse may agree to move out while the other maintains the marital property.  Both parties may agree to rent out the marital home.  In any event, a real estate lawyer can help review or draft a lease agreement so that the parties’ legal interests are protected.

Evaluating Property

An important consideration during divorce is what the property is actually worth.  A real estate lawyer often has an extensive number of contacts such as agents, brokers and advisors who can provide an objective opinion regarding the value of property.

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