Should You Seek a No Fault Divorce in Bay Shore NY?

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During divorce, most spouses are angry, frustrated, and hurt. These individuals think back over every little thing their spouses have done wrong over the years and want to make them pay during the divorce proceedings. However, it may be easier to simply seek a no fault divorce in Bay Shore New York. A no fault divorce in Bay Shore New York offers many benefits and advantages to divorcing couples. However, no fault divorces are not appropriate for every couple.

A no fault divorce may be less expensive than seeking a fault-based divorce, primarily because evidence of the fault-based ground does not have to be obtained and analyzed by the attorneys. Attorneys are paid hourly throughout divorce cases, so the shorter a case is, the less expensive it will be for the clients.

Additionally, a no fault divorce is more peaceful than a fault-based divorce. The parties are not focused on what wrongs were committed during the marriage, but on creating an agreement to settle the issues in their divorce so that they may finalize their case and move on.

However, in many cases, it is not realistic to seek a no fault divorce. As an illustration, if one spouse has a history of violence, especially if it is in front of the children, it is unlikely that this spouse would agree to supervised visitation. Therefore, seeking a divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment may be the better option, since such factors will be studied during visitation decisions.

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