What Issues Does a Family Law Attorney in Stony Brook NY Handle?

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Many individuals think that family law attorneys only handle divorce cases. In reality, however, a family law attorney in Stony Brook New York will handle a wide range of disputes, from contested custody cases to issues that stem from a parent’s substance abuse. Family law attorneys in Stony Brook New York are experienced in an array of claims and understand how the laws of the state affect these families.

For example, there are a number of custody and visitation disputes a family may experience. Parents may argue over custody and visitation during their divorce case. Parents who have children in common but have never married may also argue over which parent is fit to have custody. Additionally, even after these parents have finalized their cases and have received a court order, issues may arise. For example, one parent may relocate, or one parent may develop a substance abuse issue that causes the other parent to understandably worry about the safety of the children.

Family law attorneys also deal with numerous property issues. For example, if a man has not been legally declared the father of his children, property issues may follow. If the father dies, for example, his estate would not pass to his children. Family law attorneys are able to assist fathers with formal declarations of paternity so that these issues are prevented.

Family law attorneys are available to help their clients through dozens of issues that impact the family unit and ensure that their rights are adequately protected.

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