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A legal separation attorney in Stony Brook New York helps clients create the terms of their separation agreements. These separation agreements cover a number of issues, such as how property will be maintained during the separation as well as the terms of custody and visitation for the couple’s children. However, a legal separation attorney in Stony Brook New York is also available to help enforce the separation agreement when one party fails to meet his or her obligations under the agreement.

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract that is enforceable by New York courts. If a party violates the terms of a separation agreement, a new case will need to be filed. A trial will be conducted as to whether the party did violate the terms of the separation agreement, and if the trial finds that a violation did occur, the violating party may be ordered to pay a fine or fulfill the terms of the agreement.

A legal separation attorney ensures that the separation agreement is being followed by the parties. For the attorney’s own clients, the terms of the agreement are carefully explained so that the clients understand their rights and obligations.

The enforcement of a legal separation agreement is often a lengthy process. However, a legal separation attorney will be able to draft and file the appropriate paperwork and represent the client in court. Without a legal separation attorney, many individuals would not know how to proceed if their spouse has violated the separation agreement.

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