Divorce Mediation in Stony Brook NY: Your Chance to Speak

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In many types of cases, the attorney speaks on behalf of the client throughout the entire representation. The attorney drafts letters that explain the client’s positions, the attorney speaks for the client in court, and, during most trials, the client only answers those questions that the attorney asks. However, during divorce mediation in Stony Brook New York, you have the chance to speak for yourself and discuss your case directly with the mediator. Although your attorney will be with you to advise you about the legal implications of proposed settlement agreements, during divorce mediation in Stony Brook New York, you will make the decisions in your case.

During mediation, the mediator will go back and forth between you and your spouse, asking both of you about your positions in the case, to help you meet in the middle and reach an agreement. You are free to tell the mediator any facts that you like, whether it is your concerns about your spouse bringing paramours around the children or how your spouse may use a former drug habit against you. Everything you tell the mediator remains confidential unless you provide express permission for the mediator to disclose certain statements to your spouse.

The mediator will ask you what type of settlement you want. Do not withhold any wishes—tell the mediator how you would like to see the case settled. You would not have such an opportunity with a judge, who would likely issue a ruling that you do not like.

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