Working with Your Divorce Attorney in Stony Brook New York

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When you hire a divorce attorney in Stony Brook New York, you need to understand that the attorney-client relationship is effective only if the two work together as a team. The attorney needs information from the client for the case, and the client needs the attorney’s legal advice and expertise throughout the case. Therefore, when you hire a divorce attorney in Stony Brook New York, keep the following points in mind.

When your attorney asks you for certain items, such as bank statements, medical records, school reports, or documentation that values your assets and debts, obtain these items as soon as possible and keep your attorney informed as to the status of receiving these documents. In many cases, your attorney may be able to request these documents on your behalf, but it will likely take much longer to receive them. Additionally, you will pay your attorney his or her hourly rate to obtain copies of these records. Putting off obtaining these records will only cause delays in your case.

Keep your attorney informed as to any major changes or events that occur during your case. For example, if your spouse agrees to let you have custody of the children, immediately contact your attorney’s office so that the matter may be handled appropriately. Similarly, if suspected your spouse had an affair, and you discover emails or other communication that may confirm this suspicion, turn those over to your attorney as well.

Essentially, effective communication is key to a successful legal representation.

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