The Role of a Divorce Mediator in Hauppauge New York

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Divorce mediators are quite different from judges. Although both divorce mediators and judges have the potential to finalize a case, they reach the end of court cases quite differently. If you are considering hiring a divorce mediator in Hauppauge New York, you should understand the differences between judges and mediators. Whereas a judge makes decisions for a divorcing couple, a divorce mediator in Hauppauge New York actually helps them make their own decisions.

After a hearing or trial, the judge considers the testimony and evidence that were presented in court and issues a ruling. This ruling is binding upon the parties, whether they like it or not. In contrast, a divorce mediator works with the parties to help them create a solution to the case. A divorce mediator has no decision-making power. Instead, the mediator helps the parties negotiate so that as many of their goals as possible may be incorporated into a settlement agreement.

During court hearings, testimony is typically only presented to the judge in a question-and-answer format with a party’s attorney. Thus, many parties leave court feeling as though they did not get to tell the judge everything that they wanted. When discussing the case with a mediator, however, the parties may disclose as many facts as they want. Mediation allows a greater opportunity for the parties to tell their side of the story.

For parties that wish to maintain a degree of control over the outcome of their divorce case, mediation is the way to go.

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