Three Features to Seek in a Divorce Mediator in East Islip NY

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A divorce mediator in East Islip New York assists couples with resolving some or all of the legal issues involved in their divorce, including property division, spousal support and issues concerning their children.  However, much of the success of mediation depends on the actual divorce mediator in East Islip New York who is selected.  Some key features to look for in your mediator include:

Ability to Develop Rapport

A strong mediator can develop a solid rapport with both parties.  This allows him or her to instill confidence in the mediator and the process of mediation.  Additionally, it provides a conduit for the mediator to demonstrate understanding and empathy so that each party feels heard and validated.  When parties are able to fully communicate with the mediator, they often provide greater details and insight that ultimately helps provide footing for the resolution.


One of the features and potential drawbacks of mediation is that it often involves human emotions and not just legal issues.  Often, mediators must be able to patiently listen to negative perceptions about the other party and other details that may not ultimately help resolve the claim.  However, it is often better for the party to vent to the mediator rather than to directly insult the other party.  A mediator’s patience can help him or her endure during the process so that a successful resolution can be reached.


Another feature to look for in a mediator is creativity.  A mediator should be able to offer novel solutions to help solve a problem.  Sometimes the parties may have an amicable relationship but may simply not be able to come up with a solution.  A mediator can help inspire solutions or even recommend them.

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