Mediation Tips from a Divorce Attorney in East Islip NY

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A divorce attorney in East Islip New York is sometimes consulted by one or both parties.  He or she may advise parties on the legal process of divorce, the issues that must be resolved and the method that a court goes about resolving these issues if the parties cannot reach a settlement.  In many instances, a divorce attorney in East Islip New York will recommend that the parties attempt to come up with an agreement on their own or through the process of mediation in order to avoid the negative aspects of litigation, such as cost and time.  Some tips that a divorce attorney may give are:

Be Patient

Parties should not feel disheartened if their first conversation or mediation session does not start out well.  Particularly in mediation, it may take the parties some time to explain their position, consider the opposing side and ultimately accept a provision.  Often, divorce is laden with heavy emotions, and these must be identified and explored.

Be Kind

This can be difficult when there are strong emotions present.  However, it is important to demonstrate respect toward the other party while going through mediation or negotiations.  At its core, divorce is a business deal, so parties should demonstrate the common courtesy that they would extend to someone with whom they were entering another type of business deal.  They should wait their turn to talk and avoid negative statements, gestures or exasperation.

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