Tips from a Real Estate Attorney in East Islip NY on how to have a Smooth Transaction

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New York real estate transactions represent some of the most expensive in the world.  Buyers and sellers do not want to run into problems in the middle of one of these important transactions as such delays can sometimes postpone or even kill the deal.  A real estate attorney in East Islip New York can assist either party of the transaction in order to avoid potential pitfalls.  Some tips that a real estate attorney in East Islip New York may give include:

Work with Pre-Approval

If you are the seller, condition any considerations of offers on the buyer having pre-approval status.  If you are the buyer, seek pre-approval status from your lender before putting in an offer.  Sellers can require buyers to submit proof of the amount for which they are pre-approved.  Taking this step can help both parties ensure that they are working with people who are actually qualified to complete the transaction.

Understand Delays Can Occur

Many parties are involved in a real estate transaction.  Understand that delays may happen that are not your fault, your attorney’s or the other party’s.  Keeping this information in mind can help reduce the stress of the situation.

Keep Communicating

If there is a snag in the deal, keep the lines of communication open.  While you may be tempted to litigate the case, there may be less stressful and affordable options.

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