Three “Rights” You Need when Going Through Divorce Mediation in Patchogue NY

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Many spouses enter into divorce mediation in Patchogue New York with little hope for a positive resolution.  They may have been arguing for the last several months or even years.   They may have tried negotiations through their respective attorneys with little headway.  However, mediators can explain that even in highly contentious cases, parties are often able to work out an agreeable settlement.  The success of divorce mediation in Patchogue New York often depends on the right combination of the following:

The Right Mediator

Not all mediators have the same background or approach the issues in the same manner.  As a participant in mediation, you have the right to help decide who will help settle your case.  Select someone who has the right expertise and who has helped parties reach a resolution that went beyond their expectations.

The Right Approach

Mediation also depends on both parties actively engaging in the process.  To achieve optimum results, you must be willing to communicate and adapt your expectations as you go through the process.  By embracing the process, you may be able to come up with a solution that provides you with more benefits than you had hoped for.

The Right Outcome

Even though you are seeking to settle your case, do not simply agree to anything just to be rid of the case.  Instead, provide the mediator with your individual ideas and insights so that a customized solution is created that best serves your interests.

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