Why You Want a No Fault Divorce in East Islip NY

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A no fault divorce in East Islip New York has become the preferred method to divorce for many reasons.  Chief among the primary reasons to use the process of a no fault divorce in East Islip New York are:

Divorce Is Faster

When one of the parties alleges an official at-fault ground for divorce, that party is responsible for successfully establishing the validity of the ground.  This translates into two tiers of the divorce.  First, the party has to establish the right to divorce by showing this ground.  Second, the actual issues must be determined.  In no-fault divorce, the process skips immediately to step two provided that the parties are eligible for a no fault divorce.

Greater Privacy

For many years, New York did not have no-fault grounds and one of the parties often alleged cruelty.  This then turned into a legal battle in which one of the parties would fling terrible accusations against the other while the other party vehemently denied such treatment.  Even when such conduct was present, the parties divorce became public fodder and part of the official court record.  No fault divorce allows the parties to avoid this mud-slinging process, often making parties feel more dignified as they tie up the loose ends of their marriage.

Less Expensive

Because no fault divorces take less time to complete, the legal fees and costs tend to be lower in comparison to at fault cases.

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