What Are Tips for Getting Through a Divorce from a Narcissist?

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Inevitably, conflicts will arise between you and your spouse as you are undergoing your divorce proceedings. However, these conflicts can turn into all-out war if your spouse has narcissistic traits. Follow along to find out tips for getting through your divorce from a narcissist and how a proficient Suffolk County contested divorce lawyer of Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc., can aggressively fight on your behalf.

What is the definition of a narcissist?

Generally, a narcissist is considered to be an emotionally manipulative person. With this, they tend to thrive in situations of chaos and drama, such as that of a divorce proceeding. This is what makes getting through a divorce from a narcissist can be all the more intense.

What advice is there for getting through my divorce from a narcissist?

If your spouse is a narcissist, they will likely not play fair in your divorce proceedings. They will act selfishly and have little consideration for your and your child’s needs. Rest assured, there are ways that you can help yourself. Below are three pieces of advice that can protect you against your narcissistic spouse:

  • Accept your situation: when divorcing a narcissist, the odds are that you will not be able to remain amicable. By acknowledging that this process will be difficult, you can mentally prepare yourself for what is ahead of you.
  • Get educated: read books about narcissism. This may seem like a minor effort, but it can do wonders in how you interact with your spouse. If all else fails, you can speak with a therapist who is well-versed in high-conflict divorces. They will educate you on how to avoid getting sucked into the drama.
  • Refrain from showing emotion: with such narcissistic tendencies, your spouse may want to maintain emotional control over you even when you are separated. They may do this by sending you hostile messages, criticizing you in front of your children, or making false allegations against you in front of the New York court. While you may be quick to react, you must maintain your composure so that you do not give them the satisfaction you are looking for.

How can a Nassau County divorce lawyer help me through my divorce from a narcissist?

Since a narcissist feeds off of chaotic energy, they may be able to thrive off of the conflict that comes with a litigated divorce. They can subsequently create a court process that is longer, pricier, and more emotionally draining than necessary. This is why you must retain the services of one of the talented Nassau County divorce lawyers. We will shield you from your narcissistic spouse and not let them take advantage of you. Do not hesitate in giving our firm a call today.


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