Who is the custodial parent?

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Upon divorce, couples need to make many decisions. When children are involved in these cases, more decisions may need to be made. This can be a hard time for parents as they may be unsure about their time with their child. Child custody arrangements will be made to determine who is the custodial parent. Divorce proceedings include many important decisions before the couple moves forward as individuals. These marital issues can include the division of assets, alimony, child support and child custody. Judges will consider a variety of factors when deciding on a child custody arrangement that best fits the situation. During these cases, judges keep the best interests of the child in mind to ensure they are safe and healthy. They want to ensure that they are growing up in a healthy and safe environment. A parent with physical custody of a child can be referred to as the custodial parent. The custodial parent is who the child will live with on a regular basis. Although the other parent may have visitation rights, the custodial parent is the one who will spend more time with the child. Due to this, the custodial parent may be paid child support by the other parent to support the child’s living standards.

How does legal custody compare to physical custody?

Physical and legal custody are both aspects of child custody arrangements. While physical custody refers to the actual placement of the child with one parent, legal custody covers a different area of their rights. Legal custody allows parents the authority to make important decisions in a child’s life regarding many different aspects. These decisions can be related to matters of health, education, religion and general welfare of the child. A parent may lose physical custody, but still be able to obtain legal custody. This can allow them to have control in a child’s life. They can still be involved in the major decisions that affect a child. It is important for a parent to be involved in a child’s life since it can have a better effect on the child. Maintaining a healthy parent-child relationship is encouraged. Parents should work together to make sure this can happen.

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