Preparation To-Do List for Divorce Mediation in New York

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Experienced divorce attorneys know that they must be as prepared for divorce mediation in New York as they are for a trial.  Divorce mediation in New York can very well be the end of a case just like a trial can, so it’s important to be prepared to negotiate the strongest settlement possible during this process.  Some ways to prepare for divorce mediation include:

Make a List

Before divorce mediation, make a list of all separate property and all marital property.  Include approximated values for the assets that you can estimate.  Include a similar list for debts.

Get Evaluations

If the parties are in disagreement about the potential value of certain property, get an evaluation.  An appraiser may be able to give an objective opinion on the value of personal property and real property.   Take all paperwork regarding the value of property to the mediation session.

Start from the Last Settlement Point

Rather than backtracking, start the next settlement offer at the last place where the settlement was.

Complete Discovery

It may be necessary to complete some aspects of discovery to get all of the information and documents you need.  This may be required when one party took the majority control of the finances and is not being forthcoming during the separation.

Communicate with the Mediator

Prepare all preliminary documents requested by the mediator, including the pleadings, inventories, supporting documents, the list of property, a summary of where the case started and where it is now and a list of client goals.

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